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UN 1046

Helium is commonly used to inflate balloons although it can be used for other applications such as cooling agents for welding and in medical equipment and inflating Scientific Blimps

We sell high purity helium (99.998%) for all uses. Our cylinder are filled by us; we are not agents for another company.

Unlike our competitors, we source our helium directly from the importer, so when helium is in short supply, which is not uncommon, we normally have ample stocks. Naturally, existing customers will have priority.

Helium is available to both trade and the general public, but deposits and rental will apply.

Cylinders are supplied with balloon inflators if required. A small deposit will be required, although this will be returned in full upon return of an undamaged inflator.


Helium is most commonly supplied in 10ltr and 20ltr cylinders, although larger sizes are available.

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