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CO2 - Carbon Dioxide

UN 1013     E290

Co2 is used for dispensing Lager, Cider, Soft Drinks and some Cask Ales.

CO2 is also used for dispensation at premises that have gas generation plants fitted in the cellars. Bottled CO2 is blended with Nitrogen, taken from the air, to create the required mixed gas for the product being dispensed.

Each cylinder will have a black sticker label inside valve guard/ Handle denoting CO2 and will have a Yellow cap on the valve.  A CO2 valve is a male fitting and cannot be connected to a mixed gas regulator.

CO2 is a low pressure gas and shows on a gauge as around 45BAR. On some soft drinks machines this will be just above the Red Section. CO2 usually maintains this pressure until the cylinder is empty.


Our CO2 cylinders are available in the following sizes

CO2 Group


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